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Ba ram you.

Dec 18


So, there was a girl at school who told me she was getting a tattoo done…in her house. By a guy who is apparently licensed, from what i know he’s around 19, and probably a scratcher; not a professional.

This is how this type of tattoo should look:

And, this is how hers looks:


SUBMITTER’S COMMENT: The girl told me in class she was getting a tattoo done, and i was rather excited for her; until she told me it was being done in her house. I legit asked if she was stupid for making a decision like that and she responded that it was okay because she knows him. When we got back to school and I saw it in person I cringed because of how wonky it looks and from the horrible shading in it is. I asked how many years of experience the guy had and she said he had his license which…doesn’t really explain anything. She’s incredibly proud of it but everyone I’ve talked too has said the same thing I did to her. What I mostly fear is that if his outline of a really simple tattoo is this bad…what would big tattoos that include detail look like?

WHAT’S AWFUL: Everything about the tattoo, the knowledge of the girl who was tattoo’d on, the tattooist himself.

lol. dem wonky lines

at least it can be fixed by a professional. ._.

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